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In times of crisis like we are experiencing right now, the challenges around us can make studying difficult. Studying alone, away from our friends and classmates can take us out of our routine and can be rather lonely. I’d like to help you by finding your perfect fit study buddy who can spend an hour or more a day talking and discussing school materials or anything else.

My goal is to find the best study buddy match for you based on the term you are in, your interests, style of study and personality type. 

We all are hardworking, but every now and then we need a little push from your buddy who is doing the same thing and has the same goals in life. We all know that studying and discussing the problems with a friend is a benefit to both and makes each partner a more proficient and efficient learner. Many people are unable to find a study buddy on their own, that’s why I’m here to help.



We help pair you with the best MED BUDD